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Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I know my shipping cost?
Shipping details will be provided along with pricing final details of quote.
How do I get paid as an independent agent or rep?
All independent agent or service person will get paid by direct deposit unless permitted by Lions Deals or requested special conditions are met.
How do I become an agent or service rep?
We're looking for suppliers and contractors who want to join our Lions Deals team. Contact our service team to get your products and services featured on our website. Join Our Team Today!
How do I complete my quote request?
You have to visit the quote list page by clicking the "List Quotes/Estimates" link under "Shop" on the main menu to see all the quotes you have requested. Once you have confirmed your quote items list, you can fill out your contact information and click the "Proceed to submit your quote" button. A member of our team will then contact you in 24-48 hours with the price of the items you have requested.
Return Policy

Lions deals net return & purchasing policy

-Welcoming to lions deals networks our return & purchasing policy please be advised that the policy of warranties of all products is given by the manufacture or the remanufacture company as well as products suppliers. Lions deals networks will let our customer knows what type of warranty come with each products when getting a quote or at time of purchase. Extended warranty is available for some products

-Please make sure the products is the right products wanted before u make a purchase, our policy is no cash refund credit only unless the products is discontinue and no longer available at that point you will be given a refund by the method of payment of purchase

-Customers will be responsible for shipping cost . if a products comes with free shipping customers will be notified -Our policy for return products is exchange or store credit only, please keep the original packages for return purpose

-Products must return in original package

-Please state the reason why the products is returning

-Defective products most return in the warranty period of each products

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