One of the biggest enemies to transmissions is heat. When MT-10® Transmission is added, heat is significantly reduced. MT-10® Transmission addresses the extreme-pressure (EP) areas, such as planetary and worm gear systems, along with bushings, bearings and shafts. MT-10® Transmission will not affect sprag or clutch friction necessary for the operation of the transmission.

Metal Treatment MT-10® Transmission is an industry leader in reducing those costly comebacks because it reduces frictional heat and wear without surface build up.



Automatic transmissions
Standard transmissions
MT-10® Transmission can also be applied to parts during rebuild.
Need an automatic transmission assembly lube? Try Muscle Penetrating Oil SL-10TM, a heavy-duty spray lubricant for pre-lubing and conditioning all metal parts.

Lowers operating temperatures
Frees valve body for optimum performance
Eliminates governor hang-ups caused by contamination & surface spiking
Keeps oil passages, orifices & ball checks clean & fully operational
Extends the life of the transmission by eliminating premature failure with improved lubrication
Reduces metal particle fallout & debris caused by friction & wear
Removes varnish buildup
Eliminates lock-up chatter in the torque converter
Insures proper shifts
Safe for seals & gaskets
Reduces costly call backs
NOTE: Although MT-10® Transmission reduces friction, it has no negative effect on the sprag or clutch friction necessary for the operation of the transmission. As confirmed by Raymark in a letter of October 1986 in testing their SAE clutch pack: “The results of our test indicate no change in the friction levels, thus we do not expect the addition of your additive to have a negative effect on our friction products.”

NOTE: Muscle products are not intended to cure mechanical failures.


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